Is Plastic Making You Fat?

Did you know that chemicals found in plastics (such as BPA) can contribute to weight gain?

Plastic 101

More than 2.2 million tonnes of BPA are produced each year to make plastics used in food and drink containers, food packaging, and the lining of canned goods.

Up to 90% of the population is exposed to chemicals such as BPA mainly through dietary consumption, but also from drinking water, dental sealants, and inhalation of household dusts. Higher levels of BPA in the body have been associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

How does plastic make me fat?

Chemicals found in plastics can mimic estrogen in the body. These higher levels of estrogen can trigger and activate insulin, a fat storage hormone. Higher insulin levels can cause weight gain, especially in your midsection, and put you at increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.

But my water bottle is BPA-free…

Even plastics that are BPA-free can still contain hormone-disrupting chemicals. You’re best to avoid plastics all together!

How can I avoid plastics?

  • Limit your consumption of canned foods which can contain BPA. Buy dried beans instead of canned and look for glass jars of tomato sauce,etc. Sensitive groups, such as children and pregnant women should limit their intake of canned foods or look for BPA-free brands such as Amy’s and Eden Foods. You can also rinse canned fruits and veggies to lessen BPA exposure.
  • Never heat plastic or leave it exposed in the sun. Heat can increase BPA leaching into food and drinks.
  • Ditch plastic containers and invest in glass or ceramic containers for your food storage needs.
  • Choose a glass or stainless steel water bottle. I love my Life Factory bottle.
  • Reuse glass food jars to store leftovers.

What are your favorite tips for avoiding plastics?




Is your BPA-free plastic waterbottle safe?

A recent study has found that almost all plastic products leached chemicals that act like estrogen when exposed to everyday stresses (including microwaving and sunlight exposure.) This includes products advertised as BPA-free. In fact, some BPA-free products released more estrogen-like chemicals than BPA-containing products!

How to avoid plastics:

  • Ditch all your plastic water bottles
  • Get a water bottle made of glass or stainless steel
  • Never re-use bottles made with soft plastic
  • Pack your lunch or leftovers in glass or ceramic tupperware
  • Never put plastic in the microwave
  • Never leave a plastic water bottle in the sun

What’s your favorite tip for avoiding plastic?