Get back to a healthy, happy, feel-good life!

Get back to a healthy, happy, feel-good life!

I'm Naturopathic Doctor Sarah Vadeboncoeur
and I want to help you feel better than you ever thought possible.

Tired of living a dulled down version of your life or feeling like you "just have to live with it"? I'm here to offer you a more holistic, sustainable approach to optimal health. I'm here to help you manage your health issues in an effective and natural way.

My Services include - Nutrition Counselling - Nutritional Supplements - IV Nutrient Therapies - Food Sensitivity Testing - Complete Thyroid Testing - Saliva Hormone Testing - Natural Desiccated Thyroid - Bio-Identical Hormones

Conditions that I treat on a daily basis - Fatigue - Vitamin Deficiencies - Hypothyroid - Hashimoto's - Adrenal Fatigue - Insomnia - Hormone Imbalances

Ready to get back to a healthy, happy, feel-good life?
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Services covered by most health insurance plans